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We are committed to provide the “Best User Experience” and to gain “Maximum Productivity” during the business’s “Digital Transformation” journey. 

This is achieved by providing the “Configure To Fit’, business software solution for that particular key user group and industry.

By adopting the latest technological software and methods made available, business will be able to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Strategic Software Solutions


SAS eWorkFlow Procurement Management Solutions

Improving performance through integrated procurement processes

Procurement information helps manage the business purchase decision. You measure success through concrete data that you collect, measure, and analyze through your finance and accounting system.

You need a solution that helps you:

  • Plan and set budgets for all purchases
  • Meet supplier regulatory requirements
  • Digitize all document and forms
  • Routing of document through a hierarchy of approver
  • Automate processes and reduce costs
  • Deliver faster and better reporting and analysis to management team
  • Evaluate new opportunities from global supplier
  • Enable your global operations with centralized purchasing

eWorkflow Procurement enables companies to streamline and consolidate their purchase either locally or globally. By doing so, they are able to get better pricing through bulk purchases. This allows organization to maintain their competitive advantage even in this current economic environment.

This ‘Cloud base’ or ‘On premises’ software enables the organization to have a central repository of all the digital document for quick retrieval. This is especially helpful when most employees are still working from home. Getting ‘approval’ for purchase is also easier done since this software can be operated from any digital device with access broadband access.

Helps those “Remote Workers” or “Work from Home” employee to adapting to the challenging business demands as all documents have to be digitized.

Have the flexibility and control necessary for adapting to the demands of even the most challenging business environment.

You get immediate access to all of your information through Infor SunSystems’ financial modules, which help you make quick, effective decisions and deliver best in class financial management to your organization. Over 8,000 customers in more than 170 countries know that Infor SunSystems can help you run your business
better every day, make more confident decisions, and do more with what you already have.

Employee Expense Management

SAS Employee Expense Management

The power of “Employee Expense and Compliance Management

With the current “Work From Home” environment, traditional method of expense submission is inefficient and sometimes challenging. Employee Expense Management [EEM] allows remote workers to submit their claims and attached an image of the receipt. The approver can view and approved the claims from anywhere. These approved claims will automatically be uploaded into Sunsystems or any software systems

To overcome the new challenging ‘Work From Home’ environment, you will need a solution that can:

[As an Employee] You need a solution that can

  1.    Easy to submit claims – Login, Snap, Submit
  2.    Browser or Mobile App entry screen
  3.    Easy to see which claims is approved
  4.    Received reimbursements on time

[As a Manager] You need a solution that can

  1.    Filter expanses that is not compliant with company policy
  2.    Can set Expense Limit on certain items
  3.    Apply fraud prevention detection
  4.    View submitted claims with an image of receipt
  5.    ‘One Click’ approval on expense claims
  6.    Automatically uploads into an Accounting or Payroll systems
  7.    All transactions can be retrieve easily for audit purpose

To let technology to do the work and to get instant productivity for your organization, arrange for a software demonstration Today.

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